Choral Scholars

The Wye Choral Scholars is a program of the Wye Conservatory of Music managed by the Director of the Conservatory and the Music Committee.

The scholars are a select, auditioned ensemble of Eastern Shore-area middle and high school singers.  Recipients of the Wye Choral Scholarship will study, rehearse, and sing advanced music from diverse historical and cultural traditions in a historic setting with a community actively committed to excellence in sacred choral music and liturgy.  Responsibilities of the Choral Scholars include a weekly rehearsal, a weekly voice lesson, singing for one Sunday service per week with the Wye Parish Choir, and participating in special services and performances throughout the academic year.  The program offers the scholars a unique opportunity to build relationships with singers of all ages in our intergenerational choir.  Students will receive superior private instruction in voice training, training in sight reading, ongoing music theory development, and numerous performance opportunities.

The Wye Choral Scholarship also provides a monthly stipend to be paid through the academic year from September through May.

While it is our hope that Wye Choral Scholars will find their personal spiritual journeys enriched by their experience at Wye Parish, there are no expectations placed upon them with respect to membership or confirmation of the Episcopal Church.  However, the nature of Episcopal worship and Christian community life does require a certain level of decorum both within the services of the Church and in activities associated with them.  Wye Choral Scholars are expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the intentions of the gospel.  We are looking for students who are interested, well behaved, focused, enthusiastic, energetic, and eager to work—i.e., highly motivated.