Scholars singing for Burrsville Ruritans, May 14th. This program consists of opera and musical theater.

Choral Scholar, Erin Bradley senior recital, date and time TBA

Auditions for Choral Scholars- May and June 2015. For appointment call Bonnie Forgacs at 410.463.1466

Please come and join us for choir rehearsals on Wednesdays, starting on September 9. Everyone Is welcome to attend at St. Lukes in Queenstown at 7-8:30PM.


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Support the Conservatory

The Wye Conservatory of Music is underwritten in large part by the generosity of the community. Please consider making a contribution in support of the conservatory, benefiting both the young people who participate in its programs and the community. Checks can be made payable to Wye Conservatory of Music and sent to P.O. Box 98, Wye Mills, MD 21679

Wye Choral Scholars

The first of our programs is the Wye Choral Scholars, in which a select, auditioned ensemble of Eastern Shore middle and high school students receive professional vocal training and rehearse and sing advanced music from diverse historical and cultural traditions.

The annual cost of supporting a Choral Scholar is ca. $1,650. Scholars receive monthly stipends of $80, of which $60 is invested monthly into accounts dedicated to each student’s future education. The balance is paid monthly to each scholar for music-related expenses.

The scholars’ responsibilities include weekly rehearsal, singing at a weekly church service, and participating in special services and performances throughout the academic year. Enrollment in the program is projected at 10 students.

Wye Youth Chorale

The second program is the Wye Youth Chorale. The Chorale is for young students that like to sing and perform, even beyond their schooling programs.

Such students may or may not have any musical experience, but are open to the challenge and learning of ensemble singing. The Wye Youth Chorale is open to students, grades 4-7, for the year’s choir season beginning in October and ending in May. The Chorale will learn a variety of repertoire to be performed in concerts throughout the year.